Airlift Movie Review and Rating

Airlift movie is touted for release on January 22, 2016. It has Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur in the leading roles, Almost Airlift movie reviews are likely to grace the India about the spirit of doing such big projects.Airlift movie is all about the evacuation happened between India and Kuwait during the Iraq-Kuwait war. Movie is directed by Raja Krishna Menon. Akshay Kumar is back with new script and he is expected to inspire all the Indians with his attempt. Airlift rotates around the events happened during 1990’s when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Airlift will bring great visuals and dangerous things which took lives.

Airlift Movie Review and Rating

Air Lift movie
Airlift movie 1,70,000 refugees, 488 flights, 59 days, 1 man! #Airlift based on a true event, in theaters this Friday. The crisp run time of #Airlift-122 min is an assurance that it will be fast paced & an edge of the seat thriller. Akshay Kumar lost weight for this character, He doesn’t know about the story if this India-Kuwait war, But he was shocked when he went into the script of the movie. It is all about the 1,70,000 people involved in this commercial aircraft and they celebrated it with the issue.Sure India will be proud for doing such project.Airlift Movie Advanced Bookings Started, All the fans who eagerly waiting to watch the movie on the first day they can book their tickets in the official sites book my show, ticket new etc.For the first time, Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur are sharing the screen together, so it is a fresh pair hope they will earn few bugs at the box office.

Airlift Movie Review and Rating

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So we have to wait and see for the real chemistry.It is made with a whopping budget of Rs 30 crores, Earlier makers released the Airlift Movie Soch na Sake Song and Theatrical trailer of the movie which received good response from the movie lovers.

Complete Airlift Movie Review is here.

Airlift Movie Review and Rating

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